The Study of Human Learning –
Forty Years of Enabling Learning with
Positive Results with Conversation Research
and Systematic Theory Building

The Centre for the Study of Human Learning is committed to the idea, that each and every member of a democracy needs to learn how to become more self-organised. Only as we learn to become more fully responsible for who and what we are, at each stage of our own development, can we begin to participate more adequately in our shared responsibilities with and to others.

The result of much ‘seemingly successful’ education, as it is now organised for us, is the production of Other-Organised-Learners. As previous students, many teachers will recognise the feeling that one only really begins to properly understand a subject when one tries to teach it to others; i.e. when the other organised understanding you have received has to be self organised so that you can sensibly present it to others. How much better if the understanding had been used and self-organised in the first place.