CSHL was founded by Laurie Thomas at Brunel University to:

  • Be a self-funding Research Institute in Human Learning, and
  • Enrol mature post-graduates studying for a PhD by action research.

It remained a part of Brunel University until Laurie and his deputy, Sheila Harri Augstein, retired from the university in 1997 when it became an independent Institute. CSHL’s research has been directed towards the study of human learning in its natural habitats and this has lead to the creation of Self-Organised Learning (S-O-L), a conversational science of learning.

CSHL’s Major Achievements

  • The creation of Self-Organised Learning
  • Significant research projects in a wide range of environments
  • Published work including the following books:
    • Self-Organised Learning
    • Learning Conversations
    • Reading to Learn
    • Learning to Change
    • Experimenting with Personal Construct Psychology
  • 40 post graduates.

The Objectives of the CHSL Website

  1. To create an academic legacy for CSHL and S-O-L
  2. An archive of major papers with links to books, doctoral theses etc.
  3. Some limited interactivity (blogs or comments)

Key Audiences

  1. Academics
  2. Educationalists and teachers
  3. Anyone interested in personal, management and organisational development.