Professor Laurie Thomas
19th March 1927 – 8th October 2023


“Self-Organised-Learning becomes a way of living. It is on-going, each of us is continually enabled to conduct a more effective Learning Conversation with ourselves. We learn not only how to value, but also to evaluate, each and every expert that we meet and invite to teach us. And in return we conversationally offer them our personal understanding of what they offer, so that they may learn from our mistakes, from our successes, and from our new insights which may hinder, or help them on their way.

So may we become able to make learning democracy work for us. And in doing so we may gain a glimpse of what may really be involved in enabling others to move towards their own more democratic societies. Whilst the dictator uses physical means to restrain the free spirited, we have yet to free ourselves completely from the remaining chains of the knowledge tyrants; and in so doing enable others to do the same”.