This Web Site is a resource in the processes of Human Learning. It places particular emphasis on S-O-L.

S-O-L is Self-Organized-Learning (as opposed to merely submitting to being taught). It presents over 40 years of action research progressively developing both the practise and theory of S-O-L.

In addition to two long term (10yr) projects with the MoD and The Royal Mail (when it was government owned), it includes 38 studies leading to the award of Ph.D degrees.

It also includes many shorter studies for other academic awards and numerous bespoke projects for a variety of commercial and educational organisations worldwide.

As such it constitutes the archive of C.S.H.L. since its foundation in Brunel University in 1967.

As the new millennium dawned C.S.H.L. emerged from Brunel to become an independent academic research organisation in its own right.

The work of C.S.H.L. is offered to colleagues, past post-graduates and researchers; as well as Coaches, Managers and all those interested in developing their own, or others, capacity to learn for themselves on the job, in education, in sport, health, business and in life.

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