Numerous research projects (plus 40 Ph.D theses with industry, sport, education, commerce and government) have yielded changes in performance, understanding and motivation that are highly valued by the learners and those around them (e.g. employers, teachers, colleagues, family and ‘we’ the researchers).

During our 7 year Post Office project, independent accountants found that in their evaluative test periods:

  • Over 18 months: Productivity improved by 24%
  • Over 13 months: Quality of service improved by:
    • 1st class mail from 97% to 99% of letters delivered on the first day
    • 2nd class mail from 93% to 98%

    (Since this measure cannot exceed 100% this is quite outstanding)

  • Over 12 months: Cost-effectiveness improved – cost-per-standard-hour dropped by 19%

This was representative of improvements across 70 main sorting offices.