As we have explained in the What Is S-O-L section of the website there are three main parts to the Learning Conversation:

More to-the-point and insightful

The Forms of Projects in which the clients achieve Personal Valued New Meanings which are stored as the results of learning conversations the person has had with themselves. These internal conversations take the form of Thinking, Reflecting, Imaging, Hearing, etc. but basically they are the personal sense that the individual is making of their personal experience.

More skilled and effective actions

As these new meanings clarify and mature they will always involve at some action by the learner this may merely be checking against some external reference but much more usefully it involves testing out the meaning by consequential doing and recognising and valuing the perceived results of those actions. Gradually this whole MAP process develops into effective skills or more experienced ways of dealing with expected events.

Deeper insight into the consequences of one’s actions.

All of our projects involve new meanings, new skilled activities and deeper ways of perceiving their results. Whilst this is the always the case, different projects will place greater emphasis either more sophisticated and focused personal meaning or more skilled and effective actions but always an increased awareness of the detailed consequence of putting the meaning into action. We have therefore chosen examples where either meaning action or perception is dominant.