S-O-L Coaches have on-going Learning Conversations with aspiring S-O-Lers. They have four different levels or areas of expertise.

At the first, primary level they are able to conduct a Task-Focussed Learning Conversation which enables the learner to become aware of and then challenge the Task skills, which as an the aspiring S-O-Ler they intend to improve. At the beginning of this first level discussion the coach is enabling the learner to more fully comprehend their current levels of understanding of, and competence in carrying out the task; and then to plan how they are going to improve and even change how they do the task.

The Coach supports and enables the learner to undertake a series of Task-Focussed P.L.Cs. (i.e. Personal Learning Commitments). As the learner gradually discovers that they can in fact learn Tasks much more thoroughly and effectively than they had previously realised: the Coach begins to explore how the learner is moving towards questioning whether learning itself is a question of Learning-to-Learn skills. As they begin to explore the processes of learning itself, the learner discovers that these can also be understood and continually improved. As a background to this Task and Learning-to-Learn activity the Coach introduces the idea that living itself can become a learning process, either as a welfare ensuring insight into oneself; or rather more useful and excitingly as a means of continual self-development and growth.

These ideas, methods and whole approach to living; are developed more thoroughly in the More Detailed Explanation of this section.