Unless otherwise stated this software has all been produced in personal (unfunded) research by Dr.Thomas.

MCQUIT – Focusing the Kelly Repertory Grid – Fortran IV

EXACT – Exact Probabilities from the Similarity Matrices of Repertory Grids – Fortran IV

EPOCH – Baysian Measures of Personal Growth – Fortran IV

DEMON – Online Tutorial Conversations with Yourself – Telcomp 2 and BASIC

DOUBLE DEMON – Online Mapping of Personal Construing onto Instructional Material – Telcomp 2 and BASIC

CHANGE – A Physiologically backed online Conversational Program – PDP 8 Macro

FOCUS – A Package for the Analysis of Repertory Grids – PDP 8 Macro

PAIRS – A Method for Comparing Repertory Grids with Shared Elements – PDP 8 Macro

CORE – A Method for Isolating the Shared Core Constructs in two Grids – PDP 8 Macro

SOCIOGRIDS – A Sociometric Analysis of the Construing common to a Group – PDP 8 Macro

PEGASUS – An Interactive Program for eliciting and feeding back a Repertory Grid – PDP 8 Macro

PEGASUS-BANK – An Interactive Program for Mapping one person’s construing onto another’s – PDP 8 Macro

ICARUS – An Interactive Program for exploring the Hierarchical Structure of a person’s construing – PDP 8 Macro

ARGUS – A Program for facilitating conversations among the Community of Selves – PDP 8 Macro

THESAURUS – The Elicitation and Construction of a Cognitive Model – PDP 8 Macro

CONVERSE – Computer aided Conversation between two or more people – PDP 8 Macro

SPACED FOCUS AND REFLECT – A Program for enhancing the quality of Talkback through a Grid – PDP 8 Macro

CHANGE GRID – Measurement of Personal Changes in Construing over time – PDP 8 Macro

READ RECORD-An Interactive display and data collection Program for analyzing the Processof Reading-PDP 8 Macro

FLOW DIAGRAM OF A TEXT – An Interactive Program for Constructing the Personal Meaning attributed to a Text – PDP 8 Macro

STRUCTURES OF MEANING – An Interactive Program for Negotiating and Representing PersonalMeaning – PDP 8 Macro

READING TO LEARN – Preparatory design and prototyping for A Computer Package for Schools – PDP 8 Macro

LEARNING TO LEARN – Preparatory design and prototyping for A Computer Package for Schools – PDP 8 Macro

THE LEARNING SHELL (ILS-CHAT) – Learning Conversations around a Simulator – (LISP programs)    for MoD

PERSONAL LEARNING TASK ANALYSIS – An Interactive Program for Conversing about the Hierarchical Composition of a Task Skill.   LISP programs for Ministry of Defence

THE FEEDBACK FOR LEARNING PACKAGE – Preparatory design and prototyping for support of Self-Appraisal and Job Performance Appraisal in the Post Office