Perceiving the Consequences of One’s Actions

From the M.A.P diagram above you can see that PERCEPTION deals with the Perceived On-Going Events, some of which in turn will have been influenced by the ACTIONs taken. The Actions within themselves are the consequence of the operational PERSONAL MEANING which in addition to triggering the Actions has warned Perception to look out for the results and the actual Perception is fed back to Personal Meaning. This applies to all human activities.

Where skills are not very well developed, this can either be because the meaning in the person’s head does not adequately anticipate this whole M⇒A⇒P process or the actions do not produce the expected results.

Finally what is often missed is the fact that under these conditions the person is reliant on Perceiving the inadequate consequences and thus adjusting the Actions appropriately.

The S-O-L Learning Conversation has the effect of sharpening up the learner’s perception of the consequences in terms which enable the learner to develop their meaning in such a way that the actions improve the quality of the results. In different situations and under different circumstances, the quality of this M.A.P process reaches differently stable conditions. An example of this would be; a Tennis party does not often produce the quality of Perceptual Control which one see’s at Wimbledon.