In many ways the MA(R)4S technique is similar to, but expands, the PLC By this we mean that MA(R)4S-ing is a process of reviewing ones learning without setting a PLC with yourself before you start.

Probably the most impressive use of MA(R)4S-ing is when one gets two people to discuss a significant event which they have both shared. If each of the participants recollects their experience of the shared event and develops this by MA(R)4S-ing over and over until they are satisfied; we have found that the participants are often amazed at how differently they they have experienced and remembered of the same event. (another illustration of how personal meanings differ.)

We will break down the MA(R)4S into the following stages:

Either learn to take more relevant care in attending to significant events, or record them. Then try yourself out until you are achieving significantly improved memories.



Part of achieving such improvements is developed by analysing the contents of MONITOR above; and deciding what you might usefully record, to be able to check on yourself later



    You may find it useful to make a record of significant components of your memories of the experience you are MAR4Sing. Or you may decide to revise the Monitor so that it does this recording for you.



Either way it is always very useful to be prepared to spend some time Reconstructing this experience by seriously:



Reflecting upon the whole series of events (being MAR4S-ed) in terms of the personal meaning they had for you in the context in which they actually occurred.



       It is also always useful to Review this particular experience within     the larger context of your other related and seemingly un-related activities.   This contributes to the wider aspects of your learning.



 Finally this MAR4Sing activity becomes part of the top level of your Learning Conversation; contributing to the inevitable process of growth which is the hall-mark of a fully fledged S-O-Ler.