Details Of Research Contracts

Title Sponsor Period Amount
Reading-to-Learn and Learning-to-Learn software packages for schools. Microelectronics Education Programme / Council for Educational Technology 1983 – 1985 £19,000
Development of an Intelligent Learning Environment. M.O.D   Royal Navy 1983 – 1986 £93,740
Learning-to-Learn at the University of Ulster University of Ulster 1984 –   1985 £3,000
Learning by Experience: Self-Organised Learning (S-O-L) among Postal Supervisors. Post Office 1986 £98,500
Maintenance and Development of above for the Post Office Post Office and Manpower Services Commission 1987 – 1989 £85,000
Consultancy support for Post Office S-O-L project and assistance with proposal for P.O. Training Agency grant. Post Office 1988 – 1989 £25,000
Tutorial-style S-O-L Courses and Materials: Parcels Manager and Team. Royal Mail


1989 – 1990 £19,000
Self Organised Learning for student learning in computer science. Enterprise Initiative Funding Department of Computer Science Brunel 1990 £9,650
TOTAL: £352,890

Postgraduate Research Supervision

There are currently 17 postgraduate research students registered with the Centre. They are working on theoretical and practical developments of Conversational Science, Self-Organised Learning, Psychological tools for the encouragement of personal change, the learning of languages, Staff Development and the Appraisal of Performance: and on the application of these to practical situations in Education, Industry, Commerce and International Sport. Five of these are senior Foreign Academics pursuing their research in their own institutions in Mexico, France and India.

The following research degrees have been awarded during the period under review:

“The management of learning: applying a conversational methodology in the development of a system of self-organised learning at the junior stage of schooling” Crosby, G 1985
“A reflective study of models of management” Chell, N 1987
“The exchange grid: a repertory test instrument for conversational intervention into dyadic entanglement” Mendoza, S M 1988
“Construction of personal work-theory in the young administrator (in the British Civil Service)” McLeod, D 1988
“Conversational techniques for improving students’ learning in higher education” Figueroa, M L 1988
“The institution as a learning system: learning conversations in a bank” Randall, M 1989
“Architecture and space for thought” Glanville, R S 1989
“Developing a learning conversation in structured group discussion” Richardson, S 1990
“Developing and evaluating a package of self-organised learning techniques for use with managers and trainers” Webb, I 1991

The above people are all using S-O-L methods and ideas in their current professional activities and many of them are active in publishing papers, organising and attending conferences, and participating in their professional associations. Details of their individual contributions have not been included here although they have been largely recorded in the Director’s reports. Dr. Thomas and Dr. Harri-Augstein have acted as external examiners for PhDs and MPhils at a number of U.K. Universities and Polytechnics.