CSHL Publications

1996 Dimensions of Embodiment: Towards a Conversational Science of Human Action PhDs David M Mills
1994 Conversational uses of the Repertory Grid for Personal Learning and the Management of Change in Special Educational Needs PhDs Elizabeth A Cowne
1994 Teaching Competence a Personal Construct View PhDs Graham Johnson
1994 A Conversational Research into Self-Organisation and Literacy by Pupils with ‘Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties’ PhDs Hamid Sepehr
1994 Productive Learning A Study of Means and Methods of Integrating Language Learning, Educational Tech nology and Educational Options in the Production of Educational and Training Materials that Derive their Content, Form and Value from the Direct Experience of Learners’ Learning PhDs Terry Miles
1993 A study of Emerging Style in the Development of Constructive Conversations PhDs James S Hutton
1992 Towards Autonomy and ‘Responsibility for Learning’ in Organisations PhDs Mike van Oudtshoorn
1992 A Reflective Approach to Sport Psychology and Personal Construct Theory which includes a Study of a Group of International Rowers PhDs Roy Groves
1992 An Investigation into Teacher and Pupil Perspectives on the Logo Philosophy using the Repertory Grid Technique PhDs Wynne Bell
1990 Developing a Learning Conversation in Structured Group Discussion: Art Students’ Understanding of the Project method of Polytechnic Students’ Evaluation of their Courses PhDs Sally Richardson