CSHL Publications

1989 Knowledge Based Systems Development as an Engineering Process PhDs M Davoodi
1988 Architecture and Space for Thought PhDs Ranulph Glanville
1988 Construction of Personal work – Theory in the Young Administrator PhDs Donald Mcleod
1988 Conversational Techniques for Improving Students Learning in Higher Education PhDs Maria L Figeroa
1988 The Institution as a Learning System PhDs Maurice Randall
1987 The Genesis of Psychological Content: An Asynchronous Machine for the Study of Microgenetic processes in Psychological Development PhDs Dionsious Kallikoudis
1986 A Reflective Study of Models of Management PhDs Norman Chell
1984 Management of Learning: Applying a Conversational Methodology in the Development of a System of Self-Organised Learning at the Junior Stage of Schooling PhDs Graham C Crosby
1982 Course Evaluation and the Repertory Grid PhDs Roger F Beard
1978 Constructive Alternatives in Education: An exploration of the relationship between aspects of Personal Construct Theory and method, and current educational issues within Teacher Education PhDs Maureen Pope