CSHL Publications

2003 The Practice an Exploration of the Role of the Learning Coach and the Learning Conversations on Computing Projects in Higher Education PhDs Brian Morris
2002 Learning Conversations in Health Care from the Perspective of Transpersonal Psychology: A new Paradigm for the Interpretation of Structures of Meaning PhDs Peter G Leatherdale
2000 Reading-to-Learn Mathematics: constructing personally significant meaning when engaging with text PhDs Chris Fenwick
1999 Experiential Learning an Exploration of the effect of Zen Experience on Personal Transformation PhDs Mary Thomas
1998 Assessment and Learning A conversational exploration of the relationship between the assessment of managers and their learning PhDs Laurence Solkin
1997 Conversational Structures in Organisation Learning: A Self-Organised Learning Approach to Counselling PhDs Lynette Moira Van Rheede Van Oudtshoorn
1997 Experimenting with Self-Organised Learning for Organisational Learning Growth – a Person-Centred Approach PhDs Andrew Taylor
1997 A Learning Conversation Approach for Teacher Appraisal and Professional Development PhDs Norma Hadfield
1996 Design and conversational evaluation of an information technology learning environment based on self-organised-learning PhDs Steve Coombes
1996 More Change from the Bill’ Using Self-Organised Learning in Organisational Change within the Metropolitan Police PhDs Charles Holleyman