CSHL Publications

1978 On becoming a Personal Scientist: Interactive Computer Programmes for Developing Personal Models of the World PhDs Mildred Shaw
1978 Reflecting on Structures of Meaning: A Process of Learning-to-Learn Chapters in Books Laurie Thomas, Sheila Harri-Augstein
1977 Purposive Preferences for Multiattributed Alternatives: A Study of Choice Behaviour using Personal Construct Theory in Conjunction with Decision Theory PhDs Cliff McKnight
1977 Construing Others: A New Approach to the Study of Role and Role Conflict Conference Papers Cliff McKnight
1977 Experiential Projects: Learning to Perceive and Perceiving to Learn Conference Papers Ranulph Glanville
1977 Learning More by Error than Trial: The Architect’s Construing of Space Conference Papers Ranulph Glanville
1976 A Conversational skills Approch to Personal Reconstruction: Longitudinal Studies using the Repertory Grid PhDs Fraser Reid
1976 Is Comprehension the Purpose of Reading? Chapters in Books Laurie Thomas, Sheila Harri-Augstein
1976 How to Become a Self-Organised Learner: A Conversational Methodology for Learning-to-Learn in Action (Part II) Conference Papers Sheila Harri-Augstein
1974 An Exploration of a Mathematical Command System PhDs Len Chapman